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Glamping and Fishing.... 

You may or may not be a keen angler.  Either way, in choosing to stay at Meon Springs, you have chosen to stay one of Britain's leading Fly Fisheries.

 Just Fishing

If you are an experienced angler, by staying with us you have given yourself access to reduced price fishing, in that you do not have to pay our normal £15 per day visit fee to the fishery.

This means you can pop down any time of day, or in the early morning or late at night to pull out a trout or two (or fish our Catch and Release - Meon Beat). 

Rod sets can be hired at £12.50 per day, or you can buy tackle and equipment from our Tackle Shop 



For the Kids

In here, you can catch a trout of around 1Lb for just a fiver.  The kids love it and what is more, you can take the fish back to your yurt or hut for supper. 


Fishing Tuition

There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the bank like an idiot.  ~Steven Wright

A fine line indeed, which is why investing in some fishing tuition during your stay with us is a good idea.   

There are a couple of options, the best being to book a "Series of Three"., which gives you three lessons during your time with us and plenty of time to practice in between.   Normally this costs £195 - however for those staying with us, it is just £150.

Alternatively - book an Experience Day.  This will give you a good understanding of the sport, including how to tackle up, get a fly on the water and retrieve a fish.  Normal cost - £85.  Staying with us cost - £70

And finally, if you are more experienced but just want that little extra, book a One to One or a Casting Analysis.   These cost £35 and last for around an hour.

You can book a Series of 3, Experience Days, and a One to One or Casting analysis, when you book your accommodation online.